Top 5 IPTV Boxes

Internet Protocol TV, or IPTV, is rapidly becoming a popular choice among television viewers. Smart TVs allow you to connect them directly to the internet where you can get IPTV streaming service, but even consumers who have older model TVs can connect to IPTV with a set-top IPTV box and enjoy a better viewing experience. IPTV allows you to watch TV programs on your own schedule, instead of waiting for specific broadcast times or recording the show for later viewing. All the programming is on-demand when you want to watch.

Top 5 IPTV Boxes

The process works like live streaming, and your set can connect to an internet cable or receive a wireless signal and translate the signal. The information is sent in batches, so you can start watching almost instantly, without waiting for the program to download fully. The top 5 IPTV boxes for 2020 include the following brands:

  1. Nvidia Shield TV

Many review lists rate Nvidia Shield TV as the best solution for running an Android connection. The set-top box not only runs IPTV streaming but also can be used as a gaming console, web browser, Plex server and Chromecast tuner. The box runs HDR playback up to a speed of 60FPS using a processor with 3GB of RAM. You can choose from 16GB or 500 GB of storage.

The Nvidia system is fairly expensive, so you might prefer another brand if you want to install boxes in various rooms of your home. Nvidia provides Dolby Vision™ and Dolby Atmos® for great home theater viewing.

  1. Infomir MAG322 W1

The Infomir MAG322 W1 is a great solution for people who just want to get IPTV without the extras that Nvidia offers. The set-top box is more affordable, but it uses Linux technology. You can’t run Android apps on your MAG box. That means you can’t run apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

The features of the box include include video support for 3D technology. The device provides 512MB of memory and 512MB of RAM. The box uses a MIPS 4KE dual-core processor. Consumers who plan to stream IPTV illegally should beware: There are big fines if you’re caught, and Infomir has recently started blocking the portals of the most egregious offenders.

  1. Formuler Z8

The Formuler Z8 is another expensive, Android-based IPTV box, but it offers an ultra-fast connection speed through its gigabit port. The box offers user-friendly features that include a MyTVOnline app that browses through various electronic programming guides. The IPTV box has a fresh user interface and a glow-in-the-dark remote control. Unlike Nvidia, there’s no simple way to install Android streaming apps like Plex or Netflix.

The pros of the Formuler Z8 IPTV box include fast navigation, an external antenna and 16GB of internal storage. The box comes with a USB charging cable, and it is ideal for UHD and HDR viewing. However, you need external storage for running a DVR.

Most IPTV users look for fast processing speed and strong internet connections, and the Formuler Z8 excels in speed with its gigabit port. The external antenna provides a great wireless connection, and the 16GBs of storage provide adequate memory for loading programs quickly.

  1. Dreamlink T2

The Dreamlink T2 is an astonishing IPTV Android box that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. However, the box provides superior EPG functionality. You can install Android apps – the non-streaming kind – and the box comes with 8GB of internal storage, which is adequate for most viewing purposes.

Some of the Dreamlink T2 features include Ethernet, HDMI and USB ports. The box comes with a micro SD slot, and the box provides up to 2160P maximum resolution. However, the Dreamlink only has 1GB of RAM, so it needs more power to compete with some of the other brands making the list.

Despite the limited RAM, the device provides ultra-fast connection speed and can deliver local, premium, international and streaming channels from subscription IPTV services. You can watch sports packages, pay-per-view events and all the top movie channels.

  1. Beelink AP34

The Beelink AP34 IPTV box is unique because it runs Windows as its operating system, which is unlike other IPTV boxes. Windows provides some signature benefits, such as expanded viewing options. Almost every app has a Windows version, and if your favorite app doesn’t, you can access it through the web.

Beelink AP34 has some other attractive features that include 6GB of RAM and 512GB hard drive. The box also comes with a Celeron N3450 processor and graphics card, 4K video output, SD card slot for extra memory and a USB 3.0 port for fast connection speed. The box has similar capabilities to those of a mid-range laptop computer.

Completing the Installation Process for Watching IPTV on Your TV

IPTV boxes alone usually won’t work until you download apps, and these can be free or supplied as part of a subscription service. Examples of paid apps include DirecTV and PlayStation Vue. Free apps include Pluto TV and the BBC iPlayer. Most people know that some IPTV users find ways to watch shows illegally, but there are plenty of ways to watch IPTV that are completely legal.